Beatrice Robertson


Treatment: Lumpectomy, Mastectomy

I had my annual mammogram in November 2004 and was told to come back in six months because some new microcalcifications were detected. They said it could be because they had used the new digital mammography, which gives an enhanced image.

When I returned in June 2005, a totally new area showed up that was suspicious. I had a stereotactic core biopsy and was told on the first day of summer 2005 that cancer was found. It didn’t surprise me because I had felt in my heart of hearts for almost a year that I had breast cancer. Even though I didn’t have a lump, and microcalcifications cannot be felt, it seemed like the Lord was preparing me for the day I would hear those words from my surgeon.

I had already made some decisions based on the thought that I had breast cancer, and one was to give myself a 50th birthday party. I invited all the women in my life who were important to me, including my daughters, my mother and friends. I shared with each of them why they were important in my life.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for was the news after my lumpectomy that I had involved margins. I then had a sentinel node biopsy and another, much wider lumpectomy. But I still had involved margins, so a mastectomy was necessary.

God was a gracious gentleman and prepared me each step of the way. I was told after the mastectomy that I would not need any systemic treatments. That was great news. Now I am waiting for the results of the genetic testing that I had last month. If I am positive, the other breast will have to go, as well as the ovaries. I know God will prepare me if this is what must happen.

I am so thankful for the advances that have been made in fighting this disease. Just four days after my surgery I walked the survivor’s lap in a Relay For Life® to raise money for the fight against cancer. That is an amazing thing!