Bridgitte Short



My name is Bridgitte Short. I was diagnosed in 2001, after the birth of my son. There is nothing you can tell someone, when they are first diagnosed. Initial reaction is always shock, devastation and doomsday! Tears and more tears! Well listen…everybody is different..I was always funny and after my diagnosis, my attitude was..”oh hell no”. Try to keep doing what you normally do. Don’t change a’s so funny, my husband and I had tickets to a reggae concert with friends, and that was around the time I had my mastectomy. Next day I told my surgeon I wanted to go home because I had a concert to go to. She said she wouldn’t advise it but my husband is a Physician, so I begged her. My family and I were like, ok let’s deal with this cancer and move on…I was never one to feel sorry for myself, even though I had my moments. Believe it or not, I tried to be there for my family, even though I was sick. I didn’t want my teenage daughter especially, to worry about me. Chemo wasn’t that bad for me..I focused on hydration, coconut water, teas etc. I just dealt with it because I wanted a second chance, along with prayers and faith and belief. Support, lots of laughter and just being yourself. Most of all stay positive…keep those thoughts positive and take care of yourself during treatment with nutritional stuff. A hug, a smile, a listening ear and being so so positive and uplifting gives hope and is miraculous!