Camille Costa



My name is Camille Costa and I am a 24-year survivor of breast cancer. I was very fortunate to have started getting mammograms at age 40. My cancer was found with a mammogram at the age of 43. 8 months later my identical triplet sister, Francine, was also diagnosed. Our surgeon was recommended through Memorial Sloan Kettering and turned out to be an old family friend. My cancer was at stage 0; I was blessed! I had a mastectomy and did not require chemotherapy, nor radiation. My sister was not getting mammograms and she was diagnosed with metastasized Stage 2 breast cancer. She received chemotherapy and radiation numerous times. However, every year, we walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Central Park with family and friends. We survived together for 10 years. Since my sister passed away in 2003, I continued the tradition and my family and I formed TEAM FRANCINE. Every year we gather in Central Park with family and friends, from near and far, to walk in the Race for the Cure in memory of my sister and in honor of all the survivors! This is what keeps Fran’s spirit alive and has kept me going through all of the issues I have had since my initial diagnosis. I am also a survivor of lymphoma, and unfortunately required chemotherapy for that. I have experienced a stroke, open-heart surgery and a grand mal seizure. Additionally, my triplet brother passed away from cancer as well. The Susan G. Komen organization has given me hope and purpose throughout all of these obstacles. I have been tested for both the BRAC I and II genes and am negative. Both of my daughters are aware that the #1 defense against breast cancer is early detection. I am proof of that! That mammogram saved my life. I was the smallest of the triplets when we were born… and I am still here. I have a purpose.