Candy Wehenkel



I was diagnosed with Breast cancer ER+ HR+ stage 1 invasive carcinoma and in situ carcinoma, through a routine mammogram. I have a family history of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer rocked my world, it was a surreal situation. You think, “How can I have breast cancer? Last year’s test was fine, how could I possibly have breast cancer?” With my diagnosis I reached out to Susan G. Komen’s website to learn more about breast cancer, treatments and options. I spent hours researching to find answers. It was a tough couple months of testing, scans, and biopsies before surgery. Not knowing the answers is scary, not knowing what the next steps will be is scary. My husband and I spent hours talking about the options. After I saw the surgeon and options were put in front of me I decided to go flat, on 9/13/2018, I had a bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. A month later began my 5-year stint on Anastrozole. I think the hardest part of the whole situation is the waiting to find the answers and not knowing how the treatments will affect you, or how your life will change forever. I was told if you must have cancer this is the best kind to have. You know, my life has changed, I don’t look the same, I don’t feel the same, I don’t know the outcome of the hormone therapy or how it will affect my body, so I don’t think there is a good cancer, however my prognosis is good, 99% cure rate and that is positive! I find comfort in family, friends, faith and hope. I have the courage and their support to do whatever is necessary to hit my goal of being cancer free for 5,10,15 years in the future. I am a strong woman, I am the storm and I shall overcome.