Carolyn Mandelino



“Challenges” For All Breast Cancer Crusaders We all travel on such an unpredictable journey throughout our lives, With Hope, Love and Passion being amongst our deepest drives~ We long to find a purpose and peace of mind, To seek those we can trust and who are inherently kind~ But in our hopes of finding such happiness life unexpectedly throws a challenge our way, A challenge so difficult it makes us wonder where our faith and trust will lay~ Breast Cancer is indeed one of those difficult challenges for anyone to befall, But perhaps the hardest part is strengthening one’s spirit throughout it all~ Bravery is something we have when we stand up to our fears, Strength is what will carry us through our troubles and tears~ It may not be all that important where we started from, But it is perhaps more important the person we will become~ And that we have grown to be even stronger and braver than ever before, So give yourself some well deserved credit for all that you had to endure~ One of the most positive things about these challenges is to share them and help others in need, And you’ll soon find out that it this is one of the most precious gifts you could ever receive~ Life’s lessons come in all kinds of packages we must try to unfold, figuring out much on our own that we were never told~ Never, ever stop Fighting, Believing and having unending Hope, For the will of mankind far exceeds anything within our vision’s scope~ Breast Cancer doesn’t define who you are, But how tough you can be– by far! So always have faith in Yourself and all that you can achieve, The only thing that really matters in this life is what your heart chooses to believe……. Carolyn Mandelino “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” 2015