Christelle Quinn



The idea of nursing my 5th child saved my life as i was oiling at 20 weeks of pregnancy to avoid my usual craked nipples..

As the title says it i was pregnat and healthy with my 5th child,getting ready to nurse my new born,oiling my nipples to make sure i wouldnt get cracked nipples this 5th time around!!!!That s then i discovered a tiny lump into the aerola of my right breast at 20 weeks of pregnancy…You can imagine that all went very fast then from diagnosis to mastectomy during my pregnancy and sentinelle nodes,which means 2 general anaestethics and at the end an inducted labour at 37 weeks to finally meet our beautiful 5th miracle,it was so special and then two weeks after the birth i strted 4 cycles of chemio,no radiation needed,i was diagnosed january 2010 and i have been 5 years cancer free since,our litle boy wil be 5 in may,it s a blessing to have had those years to watch our 5 children grow,i could never ever complain,lots of good has happen with the fight against cancer for life!!!!

i am still on tamoxifen until september 2015 but my oncologist is thinking of applying the new rule to stay 10 years which means until september 2020!!!!i told him i will celebrate my 5 yuears on tamoxifen then 6,then 7….taking it one year at the time…It s with lots of love and gratitude that i read all those amazing stories but also hat off to all the ones who make us better,the medical and alternative,the family and friends and god,the universe,THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU.Christelle with tones of angels to you all.