Christi Flannigan




Another Bump in the Road

I was diagnoses in Sept. 2014, and have been under going treatment since. I never believed it would happen to me, there is no history of breast cancer, I am to young (39 at the time), I am healthy, and a thousand other reasons the doctors were wrong. I could not even look at my husband when the Doctor told us, it is cancer. 


Since that moment, I have refused to let cancer stop me or keep me from living, even on the bad days. I believe I am experiencing this to help someone else at some point. Working as a Code Enforcement Inspector, I was put on Florida Medical Leave Act, because I am not able to wear my uniform or drive the cities vehicle. I ran out of sick, vacation and comp. time, I have since been blessed with the police officers, and other staff from the City supporting me and giving their time, so that I could obtain treatment and maintain my as normal as possible lifestyle. That is what makes a strong supportive team to make survival easier. 

During my treatment, my ex husband was diagnosed with cancer, our 16 year old daughter has been amazing and extremely strong through this entire ordeal. I have had her love and support, along with my amazing husband standing beside me. It has been a rough road to handle. My father, a polio patient had a motorcycle accident at the same time of my first treatments, my mother a multi-stroke victim was hospitalized several times. My daughter had her 16th birthday, and through it all I refused to allow cancer to slow me down or make me stop living life to the fullest, and making sure that everyone I could possibly help understand and learn about breast cancer was helped. I believe that every experience should help someone else.