Christine Hauski



A new beginning as a Survivor it’s not being lucky.

Though it was 23 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it seems like yesterday when it happened. I was 32 years old when I got the news and my 2 boys were just 2 and 5 years old. My world was turned upside down. All I could think about was I need to live for my boys. I found out I had aggressive breast cancer and I had to get it out of my body. There was no time to feel sorry for myself, but to figure out and work hard to live to see my boys grow up. It was not the easiest thing I ever went through but with a lot of Support and the strength that God gave me to get through such a terrible disease, I endured obstacles that I never thought I would be able too. Just remember if you are ever diagnosed with breast cancer, know that you can overcome this disease and know that there are millions that have paved the way for your cure. Life is beautiful! It’s attitude, knowledge, strength, support, love that is the result of a survivor. It is not luck that you survive, it’s all of the beautiful strength that God has given you to live not just for you but for others!

There was a talk show host that told a listener that it was lucky that Breast Cancer Survivors lived. That we are not survivors but it was lucky. That’s her opinion which she can have that opinion but I know it is strength, knowledge, love, hope, support that makes up a survivor not luck.