Christine Hovliaras




Breast Cancer – Took My Beautiful Mother and Now It Has Come To Me

I lived the breast cancer journey as a support and love to my beautiful Mother, Ruth Ann, when she was diagnosed at age 40 and I was 16 years old in 1979. She had a radical mastectomy of her left breast with lymph node involvement and 9 months of cobalt radiation therapy. She was cancer free for 26 years and her breast cancer metasticized to the brain, lungs and left adrenal gland in 2005. She had a difficult struggle and had 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy which ended her life in 2008. 


My life changed on April 7, 2015 when during my mammogram they found abnormal tissue. I contacted my gynecologist who referred me to a surgeon for a consultation. Underwent an ultrasound and steriopathic biopsy and was diagnosed with duct all carcinoma in situ of the left breast. Underwent an MRI and they found a nodule under the area with DCIS. Two more biopsies and my left breast I began calling, “The Warrior.” The poor breast looked like a nightmare! Had a BRCA test done and waited 5 weeks for results. This was the worst time of my life. I was thankful for non invasive cancer, but it was a relive of what I endured with my Mother. The BRCA came back negative and we planned surgery on July 17th. Successful surgery and now undergoing radiation therapy. 

This is a journey – one in which you have to pray to God to help you get through this. Many of my friends and colleagues have helped support me through this, but it is difficult. I am so fatigued from the radiation, have burn marks on the breast, sloughing of tissue, inflammation and major discomfort. I have 11 more sessions to go and can get through this. My Mother is my guardian angel and God is with me. Please pray for me.