Cindy Trull

Living with MBC


I currently have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2013. I had two stages 1 and 3. I had a Bilateral Mastectomy w/Reconstruction, 46 Radiation Treatments, and 1 year of Chemotherapy (Cyotaxin and Taxotere). I went into remission approximately 1 year and it metastasized to the bones in 2015. I got many fractures in my spine. I had back surgery to fix the bottom half (kyphoplasty), 31 radiation treatments, and multiple types of chemotherapy. 

It has spread to the Femur, Pelvic and Hip..there are also multiple fractures and bone weakness to each one. Miraculously, I have tolerable pains and walking! That is God, doing what he does. Hallelujah!! He is so merciful and is always with me! I did nothing wrong. My medical team did nothing wrong. Metastatic Breast Cancer happens… at any time. I was told from the beginning by my oncologist, whether I did chemo, radiation, had a bilateral mastectomy, ate well, took vitamins, exercised regularly, prayed, had positive thoughts, had negative thoughts, it doesn’t matter. A diagnosis of MBC means I am on treatment forever… and that is a good thing. I will stay on a treatment for as long as it works. 

When the cancer cell learns to outsmart the treatment drug, the treatment then fails us and we try another treatment. There is always anxiety connected with a new treatment. Will it work? What are the side effects? What happens if this treatment fails me? With God on my side holding my hand, I can conquer anything. I am living longer and stronger and defying the odds! God Be The Glory! I am blessed beyond belief with doctors, staff, family, friends, church, and preachers. 

The treatments have been a blessing but things occur when trying to fix it. I got Osteonecrosis to the jaw and have had jaw replacements and 2 jaw surgeries with self IV treatments of high antibiotics, home health, and hospice care. I recently had a titanium rod put in my right hip and femur and just finished 5 radiation treatments. My doctor tried many drugs and chemotherapy drugs called Exemastane Affinity and Ibrance Adriamycin. Now we are currently trying Halevan. XGEVA, Faslodex and Letrazole. I’ve had 2 strokes in the brain, several echo cardiograms and angiograms, put on Plavix, currently having seizure activities, put on Keppra, Multiple Petscans, CT Scans, MRI’s, and XRAYS, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, mouth thrush, radiation burns, etc. Cancer does cause many problems and great fear. Doctors do their best, but it may not be enough. When my doctor has seen that we had no success with the treatments, he either supplement what he has for me or go a different route entirely. This does not mean that I cannot survive Metastatic Breast/Bone Cancer. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, KEEPING MY FAITH AND HOPE IN GOD, HE always puts a many song in my heart. And makes it able for me to sing and talk. To God We Give All Glory! I am highly blessed!