Clari Cassels



I saw a surgeon and had a mammogram and an Ultrasound done in Oct. 2014 and was told I had two cysts and to come back in 3 months. Well at end of December when I noticed around my nipple starting to break out and turn red I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t about to go back to the same doctor so I went to a breast specialist surgeon and the first thing she said was she needed to biopsy it. Set up appointment and had biopsy done on a Wednesday and I was to come back the next Monday to get results. The doctor’s office called me on Friday and told me to come in that the results were in. My husband and I went in and the doctor came in and pulled out my folder and told me I had stage three breast cancer. We were shocked, I told her about the tests I had done in October and what the surgeon had told me. She said, “You had it then”. I didn’t know what to say, how can this happen? How many women have been misdiagnosed? She told me I was to have chemotherapy first to reduce the size of the cancer, then a mastectomy and then radiation. I was like in shock, I wanted to tell my family but I Knew if I tried to talk about it I would start crying, so I got my iPhone out and went to Facebook. As soon as it came on the first thing that popped up was a message that said, “STOP, Do Not Fear, God Is In Control”. That just seeped into my spirit, I said to myself, “Well God I know You sent me this message and I believe and I will stand on Your word and know You will take care of it all.” From that time on I never worried or got upset about having cancer. My surgeon recommended an Oncologist and I saw her and was set up getting chemo treatments. I had four treatments of three kinds of cancer medicine and then three treatments of three different kinds of cancer medicine. On the second treatment my hair started falling out, so I just went and had my hair dresser shave my head. I closed my eyes while she was doing it and would peek now and then and started crying. I really cried when it was all done. Got home and cried some more. That is a big adjustment having no hair. I went the next day and bought me a wig that looked just the color of my hair. I have finished my chemo treatment, had my mastectomy and had four of my radiation treatments, first week. I go Monday through Friday for six weeks for treatments, will finish up first week in November. The doctor told me I had a year to decide if I want reconstruction surgery. That is something I have to consider, I don’t know if I want to put myself through more pain and if it is worth it. My whole family has supported me from the very first. My dear husband keeps telling me how beautiful I am bald. When I was so weak I could not do anything, he waited on me, did the house work and cooked for me. I also have a wonderful close church family who prays for me and supports me in every way. In fact I have so many friends in different churches and areas praying for me I am blessed. Don’t ever doubt that prayer works, it is a powerful tool. My faith keeps me on solid ground and helps me endure what ever comes my way. I feel all I am going through just brings me closer to God. I tell all my doctors that God is on my side and all is going to work to the very best for me. They say attitude has a lot to do with how you respond to treatment. So friends, never give up just trust in God, and fight on knowing He gives us strength to get through it all and He is with us all the way.