Connie Close



Co-survivors: Many angels around her

I’ve always believed in angels. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my teacher saying, “Make room for your guardian angel.” I never really knew how important angels were, though. I found out a year ago.

When I received the news from my doctor that I had breast cancer, my life changed. I immediately told everyone I knew to tell everyone they knew to pray for me. Soon, prayers were flying in from all over the country. I asked all the angels in my family who were already in heaven to please keep a watch over me. Then an amazing thing happened. All the angels in heaven and here on earth got together and started their work.

One by one the angels started coming to me. A special angel organized a food delivery service, and during those challenging weeks of treatment, delicious food started arriving at my home. I never knew how good angels could cook. God sent me a very special angel to take me to all of my treatments and doctor visits. Every three weeks for a whole year, my special angel drove me back and forth to my treatments. The nurse and doctor angels were so kind and caring. I thank God for all those special angels. Angels called me on the phone, and e-mailed me too. I had angels arriving at my door to stop and check on me to see if everything was okay, and if there was anything they could do. I said, “Keep those prayers coming.” I had a priest angel who was always around when I needed him. There were angels who also brought gifts and flowers to my home to cheer me up. I received some beautiful angel statues. They were a constant reminder of all the angels working around me.

One day, I was on my way home from shopping, and I ran into another angel friend. I explained to her that I couldn’t find a specific gift I had been searching for. Later that day, my angel friend arrived at my door, with the gift I had been looking for! Angels are just amazing, and so very talented. An angel made me crocheted hats for my head when my hair wasn’t there. Another angel made me a beautiful blanket to keep me warm. There were angels who arranged a vacation trip for my entire family to fly to California for a week to stay with relatives. Another angel sent us to Disneyland for the day and gave each of my four children spending money! You can only imagine our excited faces when our feet landed in Disneyland. It was a dream vacation for all of us. Every time I talk about how wonderful it was, I am still overwhelmed at the generosity of angels!

Over the course of the entire year, I received hundreds of cards and get well wishes and prayers from angels everywhere. Angels whom I didn’t even know, but who knew someone I knew, sent me cards and gifts. Angels are overwhelming! After a year, I know all the angels did their jobs well. I am cancer-free at this point, and I thank God for all the wonderful caring angels among us.