Cynthia Villarreal



Hi my name is Cynthia. I have breast cancer stage 2B. I have a history of cysts in my breast so when I felt the lump I thought it was a cyst. I had just had a mammogram a month before I felt the lump and it was normal. So for 5 months I left it alone. Big mistake. If you ever feel any lumps go get it checked out. I finally did and it is triple negative breast cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes. So I started chemo in April and have three months to go. My genetic test came back negative so I will have a lumpectomy and maybe have some lymph nodes removed. Then radiation. Chemo drains me out. I also get bad stomach cramps. I am bald too. It was hard to lose my hair but it will grow back. I have also gained weight from the steroids they give me. My family and friends have been real supportive. I thank the Lord for them. I am blessed to still be here fighting. I have a twenty one year old daughter who is also my best friend. She helps me so much. I know this journey will be over one day and I will be talking about how I am a beast cancer survivor. So please check yourself and if you feel anything different go see your doctor. Don’t wait. The sooner the better. Cancer can spread fast. The earlier you find it the better. Thank you for reading my story.