Daysha Jackson-Matthews



In July of 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer, at the age of 34. I was devastated, didn’t know how to tell my children or family. It’s hard trying to be strong for others’, when you can barely be strong for yourself. Most days, when I was alone, I would break down and talk to God. I often questioned him, WHY me? I had to ask myself why not me, who am I? After, finally being stressed and depressed for months, I finally gave it to God, I would look in the mirror everyday and say I shall live and not die, my fight then began. 

I went through 5 months of harsh Chemo, then a 17 double mastectomy to remove cancer. Afterwards, I under went 30 rounds of radiation, everyday for 6 weeks, plus 3 more surgeries for reconstruction, and a hysterectomy.  The whole process took about 2 years to complete. 

The advice I would give to someone, who have just been diagnosed, would be to never give up, give it to God, stay prayerful, and fight. Having breast cancer changed my life, I no longer focus on the little annoyances of life but instead be grateful for every breath and day. During my treatments, God was my #1 strength, but my husband gave me strength as well to look past what was ahead of us and not take one day for granted. He was there through it all, never left my side along with my father and step mother. I thank God for having such a supportive family. They all helped and contributed in someway far and near. Co-survivors are a big help, we are here to listen when you just want to talk and share our journey on how to endure and how God brought us out. MY FAITH IN GOD WAS MY BIGGEST SUPPORTER BESIDES MY FAMILY, IT GOT ME THROUGH THIS JOURNEY!!