Deborah Hall-Branch



Access Denied

All I could see was the movement of the doctor’s mouth. It sounded like she said, “Cancer.” As I stood there still wrapped up in the examine gown, her voice sound muffled; like I was under water. My eyes suddenly filled up with tears. I could hear myself saying, “Did she just say I have cancer?” I was diagnosed with left side breast cancer three days after my ninety year old mother passed. My emotions spiraled down even further. I didn’t know whether I was going to have strength to fight this thing. Or, should I just give up ahead of time. It was at that point I decided to deny cancer any more access and embraced my faith even the more. I knew that although I greatly grieved losing my mom, she would have told me to fight and don’t give up no matter what it looks like. The nights became even worst, but each time I cried, it provoked me even the more to fight. Year after year as an ambassador I’ve worked with Susan G. Komen  Greater Atlanta “Worship In Pink” Events. This year’s theme was HOPE! Is The New Pink. My HOPE remains that they will find a cure and finally cancer’s access will be denied. Today, I stand as a survivor!