Diana Walton



I’m a Puerto Rican Christian woman from Orlando, FL now living in Frederick, MD with my soldier of 20+ years and my two teenagers. I moved to Frederick, MD in January 2014 from Hawaii where I had been teaching Zumba classes since 2008. I am licensed in all Zumba formats, and being able to teach them all has given me the opportunity to become a great Zumba Instructor and a better human being. In 2009, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and had to stop teaching for six months to recover. Now I am not only a Zumba Instructor, but a cancer survivor with an amazing testimony. Becoming a cancer survivor has allowed me to give back in indescribable ways and to become an inspiration for others. I was also honored to be a face for Zumba’s Party in Pink campaigns and a video game avatar, which led to me receiving the 2013 Zumba Fitness Inspiration Award. I am a very healthy person today because I have changed my eating habits and my exercise routines. I exercise twice a day and watch what I put into my body. I have gained knowledge and strength from knowing what is going in my body and by exercising. I keep my heart strong and maintain a positive outlook on life because I am doing everything possible to stay alive. This is what I always tell people: Don’t give up. Fight until you can’t fight anymore then take a break and let someone like me fight for you. So, do not wait around to see life pass you by… Get up! Get moving! Make life worth living! I believe that God has a plan for all of us.