Diane Jones

Living with MBC


As a Komen volunteer for seven years, Diane Jones is truly an outstanding and genuine person who represents the spirit of giving.

Diane is a 30-year breast cancer survivor who translated her experience and energy into helping others. Diagnosed when she was 36, a mother of two young boys, the diagnosis was life altering. She feared not being able to raise her children or see them grow up. Following a double mastectomy, she lived 25 years cancer free.

In 2001, Diane had a seizure and it was determined she had a brain tumor; the breast cancer had spread to her brain. Following this diagnosis, Diane began volunteering for Komen New Orleans, helping produce their survivor event and serving on the board.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Diane and her husband moved to Atlanta. Right away, Diane called Komen Atlanta to find out how she could help.

She began coming in once a week, helping with office tasks and educational outreach, including Worship in Pink and organizing Casual for the Cure Day, mailing out hundreds of packets to participating companies.

Her commitment to fighting breast cancer was reinvigorated when she found out the cancer had spread to her lungs. After three months of radiation, the tumor is gone, and she is again living cancer free.

During radiation, Diane still volunteered, and began upping her commitment, now volunteering two days a week, driving an hour each way.

When asked why she volunteers, Diane said, “This is my way of giving back. I feel at home when I’m at Komen. Thanks to Komen research, I’m now taking advantage of therapies that were not available to me when first diagnosed. Komen saved my life. That’s why I volunteer.”

Diane is a remarkable community leader as well as an energetic and passionate volunteer who empowers people to take charge of their health through awareness and early detection. She has volunteered at every opportunity, from helping in the office to serving on committees to representing Komen at local education events.

The Komen Greater Atlanta Affiliate is delighted to have Diane as a volunteer and friend. Her commitment to end breast cancer forever is motivating, and her continual optimism is an inspiration to everyone.