Diona Brzezinski



My journey with breast cancer brought me to my knees, it’s presented many challenges filled with ups and downs, especially the last few weeks. I was advised to remove my right implant due to the fact that I needed to be completely healed from any and all wounds so that I can undergo radiation in a few weeks. I’ve had to dig to the deepest part of my soul in order to survive and remain hopeful. It taught me to surrender and give up control for perfection, to be the person God intended me to be and not the way I was programmed to believe I needed to be. Through my spiritual journey I changed my lifestyle and have become more health conscious. Embracing my 50’s and all my perfect imperfections with grace and gratitude. Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not so glamorous moments. And thank God through it all.