Donna Reina



Standing strong in the wake of cancer, I found strength through nature, meditation, and hiking. It all happened so fast, I was rushed into surgery before I had a chance to research lobular carcinoma. After surgery I learned that many steps were missed. I had to become my own advocate. 

Immediately I turned to meditation for peace of mind. During scans and radiation treatment I used meditation to picture the machines as being filled with healing energy. I also did meditations for the building to be filled with healing energy for all who passed through. Praying for my health care providers has helped me at times as well. Upon diagnoses and after the surgery, I studied diet and the effects of having an alkaline based system. Having completely changed my diet, I lost weight naturally, and kept hiking nearly every weekend even post surgery and during radiation. Some days I couldn’t go super far, but mostly being outside in nature was and is the best medicine. I’ve had a lot of issues with my doctors and so it’s been a mental and emotional challenge at times. It’s only been a year and a half so I still have a lot of tests on a regular basis. The tamoxifen is causing changes in my uterus so that’s an issue that I’m currently dealing with. Another big issue is that lobular breast cancer is hard to detect with Ulrtasound and nearly impossible with mammograms. So I have to fight to get MRI’s which is rediculous. 

In an effort to co-create my own healing, I do reiki energy healing on myself, do facebook live videos to help people learn spiritual tools to cope not only with cancer but with life or other health issues. One other important aspect of this experience is that it doesn’t end after the initial treatment. So if you have loved ones going through this, please understand that it’s an ongoing process and extremely difficult some days. On the other hand if you are the one going through this, I urge you to get active and find something fun to do outside on a regular basis. It will change everything. In the past year and a half, I’ve hiked all over California, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Yosemite twice (even hiked to half dome!), and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and hiked up Waynupicchu over the course of a week! I then went to the Amazon rainforest and explored that region in Peru and even got to see a shaman for a healing ceremony in the middle of the jungle! I’m known now as The Healing Hiker™! My story has inspired many people to start hiking and get in shape. I figure I should be in the best shape of my life to give myself a better shot at this life. I’m grateful for every milestone and all the joy I get to be a part of today. My children are either married or engaged so lots happening that’s good. I’ve also started a spiritual life coaching business during this time! I figure I’ll just keep listening to what I’m being called to do and make a difference in whatever ways I can. Please know that we are not victims, we are strong and able to go through this with hope, dignity, courage, some tears, and hold each other up when we need it. Wishing you peace today and always, Donna, The Healing Hiker