Find the Right Clinical Trial. For You. For a Loved One.

Susan G. Komen helps people with any stage of breast cancer find and participate in clinical trials, including trials supported by Komen.

Susan G. Komen® Breast Care Helpline

For more information about clinical trials, please call our Helpline at 1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or email at to connect with a trained specialist. Our caring and trained staff provide support and education about clinical trials to help people gain a better understanding of clinical trials.

Call our Breast Care Helpline to speak with a trained specialist.

1-877 GO KOMEN

or email at

The Helpline offers breast cancer clinical trial education and support, such as:

  • Knowing when to consider a trial
  • How to find a trial
  • How to decide which trial is best
  • What to expect during a trial
  • Information about clinical trial resources

Find Trials That May Be Right For You

Breast cancer patients at any stage can join a clinical trial. Breast cancer clinical trials study prevention, new screening tests and treatment options, as well as quality of life issues.

If you have early or locally advanced breast cancer
If you have metastatic
breast cancer

Help discover cures to breast cancer, faster.
Your breast cancer information is as unique as you are. When combined with thousands of other ShareForCures members, you provide scientists with a more diverse set of data to make new discoveries, faster.

Research can take decades to reach the bedside, but what discoveries are just around the corner for patients? Susan G. Komen shares all of this and more through Breast Cancer Breakthroughs, a virtual education series focusing on the new science and technology advancements that are poised to make a difference for patients in the near future. Sign up for Breast Cancer Breakthroughs to never miss an episode.