Dr. Bard McMullen



Dr. Bard McMullen is the current President of the Colorado Springs Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. McMullen first became involved with Komen for the Cure when he attended his first Race for the Cure® in 1995 on behalf of his then employer. Born and raised in the community, at the time he was a practicing radiologist and only knew a little about breast cancer, although his mother and mother-in-law had both had breast cancer. After his first Race, Bard was hooked.

When Colorado Springs incorporated as an affiliate in 1999 Bard came on as a board member and then became the board president. He will tell you that it’s the volunteers that he works with and the lives that he touches that make it all worthwhile. Each Affiliate meeting has a “Komen moment.” When asked what his favorite moment has been with Komen, he finds it difficult to answer. McMullen says, “It’s hard to come up with a single moment; every Race committee meeting energizes me. Each time I hear a story of strength and courage in the face of breast cancer and see the dedication and determination to win the ‘Race,’ I’m inspired to work even harder. Although it is the disease of breast cancer that we are fighting, it is the people that I work with that keep me focused on the mission.”

McMullen’s term limit as board president has an end in sight, but his career with Komen is only beginning. He is a life-long Komen volunteer and intends to continue to work for the mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment.