Elaine Staneley



Co-survivor: Her sister, Dee

It was thirteen years ago, but it seems like just yesterday when I found a lump in my breast. It’s shameful to say, but I had never had a mammogram. I was 46, with good insurance, and had never taken my co-workers’ advice to do so. When I was diagnosed, Dee, my sister and lifelong friend, went with me every step of the way and is still there today.

Dee is known for her sensitivity. When I received my diagnosis, she was there and started to take care of me. When we left the doctor’s office, we went for lab work and she even instructed the phlebotomist as to what needles to use.

She knew I was afraid. Instead of tears, she showed me that I have a strong, not weak, friend fighting for me. I had always thought of her as a crybaby but to this day thirteen years later, I have never seen a tear, and that is what I needed to help get me through this. No tears in front of me but support and strength – that is what I needed. I did hear years later that once alone she let it all out in her car and at home. I THANK AND LOVE YOU DEE for not being a crybaby because I have persevered from your strength. Dee is my co-survivor.