Emily Wolfe



I began to support Susan G. Komen for my mother-in-law Lori who was diagnosed 6 months after my second daughter was born. She showed my daughters such strength during her treatments and I wanted to find a way to show them that all woman have strength within them and passion fuels that fire. I began walking The 3 Day with the support of my family, friends, and some complete strangers. To date I have raised just short of $11,000 in two years and am registered to walk again this year. 4 weeks before I walked my second 3 day I gave birth to my third daughter. She became the third reason I walk. Being a mom to three girls I am completely committed to the fight to end breast cancer. I never want my girls to hear the words they have cancer. I want them to not fear the family history they have but embrace that we fought the fight and won. I am strong because the journey demands that we are and I want to be a good example for my daughters.