Evelyn C. Weaver

In Memorial


My mom passed this year. But while I was battling breast cancer and even after I beat it. (4 years). She would always make sure I was fine and did not overdo. I miss the talks we had. I was diagnosed in 2014 with stage 2 Her 2 positive breast cancer. My husband was there every minute with me. My mom was always a phone call away and there when I needed her and sometimes when she knew I needed her but did not want to bother her. She saw me at my best and worst. She was there through my double mastectomy and all my reconstruction surgeries, chemo, ER visits and hospital stays. She has been my rock along with my husband. I don’t know how I would have made it through without both of them. When my mom had her stroke on July 2017, I stepped right in as I have always and took care of her along with my sister. She was always there for me and I was going to always be there for her. Actually, I was there the day she passed. As she was always my first call when I needed something or just to talk, I was always her first call. I would not change anything in my life or her life. She was truly one of my soul mates.