Ezella Dysart



Fighting for me, my son, and my mommy

I am going to make this short as possible. I am never good with talking about this. June 4 2013, a day after my birthday I was told I had Stage 1 breast cancer. Also I carry the gene on both sides of my family. I went through so many emotions. It was hard for me to hear that. I felt like I was in a dream. Delusional. I had to tell my family. The hardest thing was my son. Who was thirteen at the time. I didn’t want my baby to see his momma like this. Sick all the time, hearing me throwing up, crying etc. He became clingy he didn’t want to go nowhere. Not even school. Well, the chemotherapy and radiation took a toll. I wanted to give up but, I couldn’t. I am still a mommy, daughter, sister and wife. I still had to work. With that being said about working, my job fired me. That really hurt my heart. I was training to become a manager. They lied. Oh we will work around your treatments. Liars!!! The months passed by getting that poison pumped into my body. It was time for my appointment. 

It was December 23 2014. My husband and waiting for the results of the test. The doctor said no signs of the breast cancer. Thank you Jesus. That’s all I wanted to hear. Best Christmas gift ever!!!!! No time soon I will have to deal with breast cancer. Little did I know, it was going to show it’s ugly face. In May of this year, mommy was complaining about her left breast hurting. Mind you that’s where my cancer was. Mine spread to my brain and spine. Back to my mommy. I told her she needs to go get a mammogram. She did and she called me and said they need to give her scan so they see it better. Low and behold it was Stage 1 breast cancer. She was talking calm then she started to cry. Then I started to cry. She asked me why I was crying because you are crying. 

I am the youngest of four. I have always been a mommies girl. Once we stopped crying, she said she will get through this, with God’s help. My mom is a firm believer of God and his word. She got her port put in and started chemotherapy. It is really taking a toll on her. She ha lost so much weight, she is hurting all the time/ well most of the time. Her hair is gone. In the midst of it all she praise God. It breaks my heart to see her suffer and hurt and I can’t do nothing about, but pray. I know prayer can change things and she is believing in that. I want my mommy I mean I know she is. 

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I went for my six month mammogram in May of this year. They couldn’t get a good read so, I had to go and get it done again. I was like since I didn’t hear anything, everything was fine. It’s June 3 2015. A year when I diagnosed with breast cancer. No worries. I am going to celebrate my birthday. Two weeks after my birthday, my cancer doctor called. I hope it’s some good news. The only thing I heard was cancer again. What the h!!! Excuse my language. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Invasive ductal carcinoma. I have to have a hysterectomy, both of my breast removed. Get chemotherapy and radiation. This chemo is more aggressive than the first one. I told them let me pray on it. I was so in my feelings because my mom is going through chemotherapy and I prayed and told her, this is my time to be there for you. Life can be so unfair. I don’t understand why my mommy gotta go through this at her age. I hate cancer with a passion. She is going to beat and so will I. Have to fight for my mommy me and my son.