Faith Walker

Living with MBC


I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer at the age of 26 which was a complete shock! I underwent a mastectomy, chemo, radiation and reconstruction in 2004 with two young children at home, which was unbelievably difficult. I soldiered through it all and thought my cancer battle was over. In 2008, while pregnant I had severe back pain for months and after a fall which fractured my spine, an MRI revealed tumours in my spine. I delivered my son at 27 weeks and the following day had a 9hr back surgery to rebuild my spine. This was followed by 3 months in the hospital for treatment and to learn how to stand and walk again. Through it all I have tried to remain positive and open to natural treatments which I believe have kept me in remission for so long. Last month a CT scan revealed my cancer has spread to my lung. Although I’m still processing the shock of it all, I’m determined to keep fighting for my children and share my story to inspire others not to give up! As a singer songwriter I have been able to grow from all I have faced and help people through my music, which has given my life a whole new purpose!