Farah Ali-Tucker



In remission

Light and Hope

Where to begin, I was diagnosed in Feb 23’ after having my first mammogram. I was having some pain in my right armpit and I knew something was off. It’s been non stop since then. A double mastectomy, 6 months of heavy chemo and then 5 weeks of radiation. I will have years of preventive care but it’s ok, it truly is! Being a working mom and having to step back was heartbreaking at first but then watching my beautiful children and husband take over everything in the house, I realized that something many would find crippling in fact lifted us. Fighting the C was a “we” thing, never an “I or me” thing. A team of warriors, battling this awful beast. You know, I have never felt more blessed within this past year, that sounds crazy but it’s true. Through the pain, physically, mentally and emotionally, I can see everything clearer!! The support and love within the C community is just incredibly inspiring, we are warriors for ourselves and those who will come after us.

YOU are precious!!!! Get your check ups, know and understand your body!