Felicia Robinson



My name is Felicia Robinson and if you had told me that by the age of 50 I would have a breast cancer diagnosis, 4 rounds of chemotherapy, and a 22-year old daughter stepping up as my caregiver, I would not have believed you. Yet, here I am; a two-year survivor surviving and thriving. The new author of “Surviving Pink: An Inspirational Story of How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Strengthened a Mother-Daughter Relationship” co-authored with my daughter and released on her birthday- October 6. I am enjoying life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12/27/17. I immediately replaced, “Why is this happening to me?” with, “What is this trying to teach me?” Everything shifted. I shifted my energy and prepared for battle. As I recovered, I reflected on what matters most and learned not to sweat the small stuff. I strive to do things that have lasting value. I learned to be present with the people God has placed in my life. Everyday is a gift. I cannot handle life on my own, whether good or tough times. I need God and His grace constantly. Never, never, never, never, give up!