Gail Banks-Taylor



I was diagnosed in February 2014 with invasive ductal carcinoma. I detected it by self-examination and was told by my PCP that it was nothing more than a cyst, but a referral was made for a mammogram although I had my annual mammogram less than six months before. Once diagnosed surgery was immediately scheduled followed by chemotherapy and radiation. It was constant prayer and encouragement from family and friends that gave me strength for the battle. Many times as women we tend to the ones who are strength for those around us, our children, our spouses, our families. We are usually the one who everyone else comes to for wisdom, help, a shoulder to cry or lean on and we sometimes find it hard to reach out to others when we are in need. It would have been easy to keep the diagnoses to myself and immediate family until it became obvious, but I decided to share immediately and the overwhelming influx of help, support, encouragement for myself and family gave me the strength right from the beginning to walk though the journey. Although i found myself totally exhausted for days at a time, I also found myself strong in spirit and determined to press on. The joy of the Lord was my strength. The love of those around me was my strength. Knowing that those before me had persevered was my strength. No matter how hard it may seems, how painful it may be, reach other and allow others to help you and you will find you will have strength for the battle.