Fransil Urbina

In Memorial


A Dream I Had Last Night

Hi, my name is Fransil but everyone calls me by my middle name Johanna. My Aunt died of Breast cancer a month after being diagnosed in Aragua, Venezuela 2 months ago. I could not travel to her funeral because I am pregnant. Last night a had a dream. I dreamed about that I was in my aunt’s house and I was in her room and a pretty girl appear in the room, I ask her who was her and she did not reply she smile and turn around, at the same time my Aunt came inside the room and I went up to her and give her a big hug and told her that I was sorry I couldn’t be with her in the last moment, then she saw that girl in the room and call her Susan!! and she smile again and grab my aunt’s hand. My aunt told me that she will always be by my side and that she want for me to go to Arkansas and take with me a big pink sign. I wake up this morning and the first thing I did was search on the internet for Susan and Breast Cancer Awareness in Arkansas and I found this Susan G. Komen foundation I did not know about, and also search for a picture of Susan and find out it was the same girl from my dream last night. I could not hold my tears I was surprised. My Aunt was a teacher, she spent her last years teaching kids from her community in her house as the majority were poor and could not go to school. She never travel outside of Venezuela neither she could speak English so I was surprised she told me something like that on the dream. I didn’t know anything about this foundation or who Susan was until today. And I might not have the economic support to help with this foundation but I have a great heart and I would like to get involved some how as My Aunt Miriam ask me to in the dream I had last night!!