Ginina Lee



From the start of an early age in my 20s, I found lumps in my breast myself in early examination. I had mammogram screening every year, ultra sounds & several biopsy since I had dense breast.

Years of going through the same routine I knew , one day I may possibly hear the words “ you have breast cancer”

I went for my annual mammogram appointment in March 2021, I was informed that I needed to have a biopsy, which for me this is my regular routine. I have had 5 biopsy done throughout the years.

I went for my ultra sound, then biopsies ( both breast), which is so painful for me. After receiving the results from my doctor I was informed that I had breast cancer. I was then scheduled for an MRI to determine how severe my breast cancer was. After many extensive tests ongoing doctors appointments different doctor visits and dealing with this all alone due to Covid I could not have anyone attend doctors appointments with me. This was one of the hardest times in my life. My daughter, my husband, my mother, my father, and I host a family and friends is what gave me the strength to continue to fight breast cancer.

I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. I had my surgery on July 6, 2021. I was fortunate not to have to go through chemo or radiation. The mental and physical scars that I deal with on a daily basis is challenging to say the least.

However my support system is Amazing!
I Thank God for them.
My fight against breast cancer, is not only my fight but for millions of women who didn’t get the chance to fight.

I no longer take life for granted, but instead cherish each day that God allows me to wake up.
I no longer stress about the small stuff but instead embrace my new normal.

After a month or 2 after my diagnosis my mind went into survivor mode, I knew I had to kick cancer, I had to beat this.

My daughter needed me & I wasn’t ready to die.

I’m thankful to be able to share my story.

Thankful for all the love, prayers, and support I received throughout my journey.