Heather Resnick



Heather Resnick


Some people collect reward points


And travel to exotic places,


Unfortunately I collect cancer points


And see too many hospital faces.






 It was told to me


“It is cancer again”.


This was number 3!




It was like


A dagger to my heart.


I thought that I


Would break apart.




I was terrified,


Angry and sad,


I had to muster


All the strength I had.




10 years had passed


Since my last bout.


I prayed, “I beat it”


I denied any doubt.




But cancer can be


A wily thing.


There is always a chance


Of it reoccurring.




Number 1 was


12 years ago.


It was a life lesson


That helped me grow.




I was given the option


To remove my breast,


But the prognosis was great,


So I hoped for the best.




“Ductal insitu


Margins clear


No need to check lymph nodes,


So have no fear.”




“Lumpectomy, radiation


Is all you need


Then your life


Can positively proceed.”




2 years later


Under my arm


A small rash emerged.


Will this cause me harm?




No one seemed


Alarmed by this


But in my heart


It was cancer missed.




Shortly after


The lump appeared


It was cancerous,


As I had feared.




They removed my lymph nodes,


Then poisoned me.


It took more than a year


For my recovery.




Cancer liberated my dream


In spite of it all


To be a writer


Helping others stand tall.




Still, I became a lab rat


For every test,


I wanted no surprises


In my breast.




Tri monthly Ultrasounds, Blood work,


Manual exams, Urinalysis too,


Yearly Mammograms, Thermographies


I was checked through and through.




I hoped that I


Would never find


Cancer again, but if I did,


it would be caught in time.




With all this testing


That I did bear


It was the dreaded mammogram


That revealed my newest scare.




Invasive Ductal Carcinoma




So how did it happen


That I got this result,


Considering I monitor myself


To a fault.




I am not a genetic carrier,


But it must be my fate,


To be imbedded with cancer


Which I have now come to hate.




I have just lost


More bits of me.


Other treatments to follow


And then I will see.




I could scream and cry


“Oh Woe is Me”


But how would that help


To set me free?




A warrior I’ve become


So I can survive


To contribute to the world


And know I am alive.




So how do I cope


With endless fear?


Empowerment is where


I tend to veer.




I advocate


For what I need.


‘Knowledge is power’


Has become my creed.




Specifically this is


What I do


To help me


Make it through.




Laughter Yoga


Great medicine indeed,


Interesting books


That I like to read.




Listening to music,


Taking deep breathes,


Exercising daily


To relieve the stress.




Learning about


This notorious disease,


So I can make decisions


As I please.




Knowing when,


I feel anxious inside


Then I meditate


And make it subside.




Watching movies, napping,


Having fun with friends,


These are all important


Means to an end.




Getting up


Every day


And believing


I’m in a better way.




Being grateful


For the gifts of life


Trying to live


With less strife.




It isn’t always easy,


I sometimes cry,


But I am human.


I can only try.




I have a life purpose


I must fulfill,


It is reason enough


To keep my will.




It is a natural response


For us to fear,


But staying to long


Causes depression to rear.




Those who support us


Can only cope


When we are strong


And we have hope.




I want to teach my children


To be resourceful and strong,


And that there is always


Someone, something to help them along.




Knowing yourself


Is a powerful tool,


It helps to deploy


This Golden Rule:




‘Life is for living,


So do what you can


To deal with the card


That is in your hand’.




For others are watching


Who need inspiration


As a warrior with foresight


You will set the foundation.




And then we can hope


We can pray


That maybe


One day


Cancer will stay away.