Heather Rister

Living with MBC


I was diagnosed with

metastatic breast cancer

on Aug 9, 2018. I am a mother of two boys and happily married to my best friend. I started chemo with hopes to shrink my breast tumor and have a double mastectomy and start radiation. Chemo was going really good and then my cancer decided to spread. I know have tumors in both breasts, lymph nodes, femur and hip. I started working towards more treatment options and in the process my cancer spread to my brain. I did a round of brain radiation. It left me with left side weakness causing me to walk with a cane. Still working toward treatments it decided to spread to my spine and has left me unable to walk. I just finished 5 rounds of radiation to my spine in hopes that I can walk again soon. I start chemo again next week and are hoping for some shrinkage of tumor and metastatic legions. My husband and my kids are my biggest supporters and motivators! I fight hard for them! This breast cancer fight has opened my eyes to enjoy life and my family and my loved ones! To not take things in life so seriously and live! Everyday is a gift! My advice for everyone going through this fight is to never give up and try to remain as positive as possible!

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