Heather Walters



Four years ago, I started racing with Heather’s Heroes. I was there to support my new friend, Heather Meyers. I was amazed at the sheer number of women, and their courage. Thousands of women thriving and surviving a serious disease that would affect their lives forever. Nevertheless, it was not personal to me. In March of 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seemed like a nightmare as I was listening to the woman on the other end say, “I am sorry, but you have breast cancer.” It seemed like a mistake. I exercised. I ate fairly healthy. I had played it safe for most of my life. Breast cancer had been in my family, but I convinced myself that I was exempt. When the diagnosis became a reality, I wanted to blame myself. Was it an imbalanced diet? Birth control? Too much stress? I searched for the unknown variable I had neglected. I thought, if only I could control the cancer; I could stop it. I could get my life back. Unfortunately, that never happened. I had to give in to the unknown and accept the surgery that was my reality. Now, I am passed the surgery and am journeying through treatment. This year marks my one year anniversary of being cancer free. And somehow, God used cancer to bless me. He taught me to trust him and to focus outwardly. I continue to eat well, and exercise, knowing that I am not exempt from getting cancer, but doing the best I can for myself and my family. God taught me I cannot control a disease, but he can use it. Understanding that and living the new normal with trust, gives me a peace, a freedom, and a strength that comes from Him. Now that cancer is a personal matter; it has changed my life forever and I am ok with that.