Jenn Newmyer



On Oct 6, 2017, I was relaxing on the couch with my four year-old son. I had just spent the weekend running the Ragnar Relay from Muskegon to Traverse City with a group of amazing people. As I lay there, I felt, what seemed to me, a large, hard lump in my right breast. My husband advocated that I call our PCP first thing in the morning and get it checked out. The next day, my PCP saw me first thing in the morning. She shared my concern and referred me to the Breast Center for an ultrasound. I was scheduled later that afternoon. After the initial exam and ultrasound, I was immediately given a mammogram as the radiologist was concerned with what he found. After the mammogram, I was informed that a biopsy would need to be completed as the concern was still present. The next day I had the biopsy and within 24 hours, I had the diagnosis of breast cancer. I am 35 years-old. While this experience has been scary and annoying and irritating, it has also been humbling. For someone who spends both my professional life and personal life caring for others and ensuring all needs are met, I have been surrounded and swarmed by love and support from family, friends and strangers. Initially, it was hard to accept the gifts and monetary donations, but I have come to realize that people will do whatever they can to help – and that is amazing. I am still in the middle of treatment and hate some days. But I take one day at a time and remember that “this too shall pass.” I may never understand why cancer chose me. As someone who tries to be healthy (I just completed that 200-ish mile relay), it can be frustrating to understand. But I’ve accepted that this experience is a challenge for me to overcome…and CURE!!!!! My advice to others who are diagnosed…and not that I am an expert (others have been fighting this battle for years…me, 2 months) but I would say “cut yourself some slack. Cry when you need to. Throw a ‘why did this happen to me party’ and get all the rest you can. And then, pull up your big kid pants and kick cancers ass!!!!”