Jenn Blaudschun



I’m 43 years old, who has cerebral palsy. I went to the doctors for a routine checkup in August of 2016 and a lump was found in my right breast. I followed up with mammogram in September 2016. October, they did a Mastectomy of my right breast. In November, I had a biopsy that showed aggressive breast cancer. After radiation, they discovered I still have cancer in my neck and armpit. I have had struggles throughout my life dealing with my Cerebral Palsy but always understanding and knowing what to expect. Cancer is unpredictable, life threatening and scary as hell. My group home, day program, boyfriend and my cousin all have been my rock. All of these people have been a constant in my life and helped give me the support and love I needed. I have not totally beaten my cancer but I feel I will survive. I feel the biggest advice to give is to not give up hope and keep fighting. I have obstacles the normal person does not have but I keep going.