Jennifer Allison



I was diagnosis on March 17th 2015 (St. Patrick’s Day) supposed to be a “lucky day” right? However, I had a scheduled appointment to check both of my hands because of stiffness in my index fingers. A simple apt turned into almost a yearlong battle of ductal carcinoma (grade 3) stage II. My tumor was located in my right breast. I was so ashamed when I first found out because of my age; I was so uneducated about breast cancer. I did not want to have anything to do with this type of illness. I spoke to no one about it for months. I had no clue until I meet with individuals whom had the same experience. My breast cancer diagnosis really changed my outlook on life. I’ve always been the type of person who could see both sides of life. However, with a cancer diagnosis it seems the first thought you think of is “will I be here to see my children grow into adults”? My family gave me so much strength and support each day of my life during this scary time. Everyone I came in contact with at my chemo treatment really had my back each day. I have met so many co-survivors during this scary, but turned into a wonderful experience journey. Each person I’ve learned is different each breast cancer is different, but we still remain to have one statement in common which was “I AM GOING TO FIGHT TO LIFE”!!! I meet women each day that are in the beginning stages of this breast cancer journey. I let them know to remain positive and never give up “HOPE” because once you give up you have let breast cancer win. I always let families know to remain focus, stay in prayer, and keep a positive outlook to live.