Jennifer Wilson



It was right after Mother’s Day in 2010. I was 34 years old when I felt a lump in breast. I went to see a doctor and was referred to have a mammogram, of which I ended up having a biopsy that same day.  I am so thankful to Susan G Komen who paid for my emergency mammogram on that day. I was diagnosed with stage one triple A breast cancer.


While I was driving to that appointment, God spoke to me and gave me the name of my cupcake business “Pink Carpet Cupcakes.” It was no coincidence that the business name had the color pink in it. Immediately after my surgery to have the cancer removed I began working towards the business. I directed a photo shoot with my daughter as the model and my son designed the dress.


Along with making women and people of all kinds smile from the delicious taste of my cupcakes I also get to tell my story of involvement with Susan G. Komen, and encourage other woman to get mammograms and to know their bodies and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.


After chemotherapy, radiation and of course my faith, today I am cancer free.