Jill Jensen



This is me…and this is cancer. I never thought cancer looked like this, but it does. It looks like me. I’m 38 years old and I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m still in shock of my biopsy results that read “invasive high grade carcinoma in my left breast”. This is me, and I have breast cancer. I’ve never felt fear like I felt when I got my diagnosis. Of course I feared cancer but I fear most for my kids. The last thing I want is for them to grow up without their Mama. I am blessed to have an amazing 4 year old little girl and the most adorable one year old boy you’ll ever see. They are my world. I’ve always been a positive person but have been having such a tough time staying in a positive mind for myself during this but if I have to go through this I want to do my best to make something positive of it so I’ve made a blog to help myself focus on positives and maybe help anyone else who is going through this as well to stay positive and not feel alone by sharing my story. I’m also very blessed to have a very positive and amazing husband by my side. As he was helping me get through another panic attack the other night he said to me simply “Smile Jill! Think about something to smile about! You can’t let yourself think of the worst. Tell me something that makes you smile!” So that is why I’ve titled my blog “I Smile Today Because”. I’ll post things to smile about while keeping my family and friends updated on my health. I smile today because…I have an amazing family and this world is a beautiful place, even with cancer. www.ISmileTodayBecause.com