June White



Friends call it boundless generosity, family members call it endless love, other survivors call it a perpetual gift. June White calls it passing on a blessing. Whatever the name, it is a resource unique to June— and a wellspring of hope, happiness and healing to hundreds of women and their families facing life’s challenges.

Long before June was diagnosed with breast cancer, she embraced the opportunity to volunteer in her community in various capacities by serving the needs of youths, acting as a mentor for two surrogate daughters and filling several roles within her church community. As a mother, wife, career woman and citizen, June achieved her own happiness by putting into practice her steadfast belief that “inner satisfaction is gained through working to help others.”

After becoming a breast cancer survivor nearly 15 years ago, June’s motivation for volunteerism evolved from merely pursuing inner satisfaction to celebrating her life. As June puts it, “I could only celebrate my second chance at life by sharing my blessing with others.” And share it she does— with an endless flow of guidance, inspiration, support and love that has endeared her as a sister to the entire Komen Philadelphia Affiliate family and the thousands of women they serve.

Her fifth year as a survivor, June raised nearly $6,000 for the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure®, making her its largest individual fundraiser. From then on her volunteer efforts for the Race for the Cure® and other Affiliate initiatives have been tireless, ranging from public speaking to stuffing envelopes. In every and any way that she can, June reaches out to breast cancer patients as an educator, fellow survivor and compassionate friend. Her efforts have earned her numerous awards and recognition, including being named the Affiliate’s Outstanding Survivor Volunteer of the Year. But as June says, “Nothing I do is in anticipation of recognition. It’s how I say thank you to God and my community for saving my life.”