Kaieshi Bryant



Hello my name is Kaieshi and I was diagnosed 06/21/2015 with breast cancer it was the worse news I could ever recieve in my life I live alone and I am 37 uears of age I am also the only women in my family that is living I have buried both mother at age 2 of cervical cancer and oy sister at age of 27 pf lung cancer. i am here to.share my story because I myslef have been touched npw with I call the no no word cancer. I cannot say that it is is not hard becaise it is with cancer there comes so many different things in your mind Death os one of them but going through this journey I have trust in the Lord and know that Im going to be a survivor the first and that is what I use to motivate my self to fight this battle I have faith that the Lord gives to us things that he know we can handle I want to give encouragement to those that are on this journey with me we are fighters and we will beat cancer it wont beat us I love each one of you and want you to stay encouraged Im starting my first treatment of chemo this week and first I was scared but now Im not I know God holding my hand and he os holding yours too Ive seen millions of success stories we will be too