Kathryn Loftus



In November 2003 I heard the stunning words “You have Breast Cancer.” This was quite a shock as I had no family history or previous issues. I quickly learned what was most important-surviving for my family, particularly my 7th and 10th grade sons Matt & Pete, and fully living without letting cancer rule my life. I didn’t want my kids to remember their important school years as the time that their Mom was sick! I had to fight hard for them! As it happened, I found out I had an aggressive form of breast cancer, Her2 positive, which affects about 25% of patients and had no real effective treatment at the time, My regime included chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. Additionally, I was so fortunate to be selected for a weekly, year-long clinical trial of Herceptin which saved my life. It is now the treatment of choice for Her2+ patients. With the help of great doctors, I traveled, attended my sons’s events, wig or turban in place, and embraced life. I don’t mean to suggest that it was easy but we all find out what we can handle during a crisis. I’ve been active in volunteering, fundraising and outreach for Susan G Komen for the Cure, raising over $150,000 for research and treatment. No one should have to experience this disease. My sons say I have a mission to help stop Breast Cancer. I aspire to that. For now I am blessed to be an 11+ year survivor!