Kathy Massey


I was diagnosed with stage III Triple Negative Breast Cancer on November 1, 2019. That is a rare form of breast cancer that usually affects young African American and Hispanic women. I am none of those, so it was a shock to receive that diagnosis. 

That diagnosis changed my life in so many ways, some negatively, but in many positive ways as well. I have a very close relationship with my four daughters and two granddaughters, but these last 6 months we have become even closer. We all realize more than ever what is important in our lives, not to take one moment for granted and how not to sweat the small, unimportant stuff. 

The COVID 19 pandemic happened while I was still receiving chemotherapy and my immune system was very compromised. We have not been in physical contact for more than a month, but we have Facebook chats a couple of times a week and we meet at Sonic and chat between cars when we need human contact.

We know when social distancing is lifted, we will have a big party to celebrate everything we missed: my last chemo treatment, my daughter’s 30th birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. I am scheduled for a double mastectomy in May and then have radiation for 6 weeks. I pray that is the end to my cancer treatment, but I know if it’s not that I will do whatever is needed to fight and survive so that I have many more years to enjoy my family.