Katina Burney



It was early December 2014, I was trying my hardest to get adjusted to my “NEW” life. I had recently lost my Dad and decided being the only child I would move back in with my Mom and be her “ROCK”. So early December I was taking a shower, I had in the last few months started having chest pains and thought it was proably from stress I decided to do my regular breast exam. I felt a marble size lump and something inside me said this isn’t RIGHT! I had been diagnosed a few years ago with fibrous tissue in my right breast but nothing in the left. So the next day I called and got an appointment with my gynecologist. She said I don’t feel it I said I DO so I showed her oops there it is was her words it’s probably nothing I’ll have a mammogram scheduled for you. So I went home worried but if she wasn’t worried then I probably shouldn’t be life went on. I waited and NEVER heard anything from her office so something inside gave me an uneasy feeling so I started calling everyday for a week finally I got an appointment to have a mammogram. January 21st I registered Sat down and waited to be called I was next I had a mammogram and then an ultrasound. During the ultrasound the lady started measuring with a small ruler I thought to myself this is BAD then she said get dressed I’ll be right back. She stepped back in the room and said Mrs. Burney there is a Doctor on the phone who needs to speak with you I knew then my LIFE was about to change forever! She proceeded to say you need a biopsy immediately there is a mass that looks highly suspicious. So I went home not telling anyone but my husband I didn’t want my son or my Mom to know until I was sure what was going on. I got a call January 28th from a surgeon’s office to be there at 2pm. So I sat in her office thinking, praying trying to make deals with God please don’t let this be CANCER. She looked over the reports and said it looks like CANCER but let’s wait until we get a biopsy before we say 100%. February 3rd biopsy I was scared to death it went great now the dreaded WAIT! February 8th results are back my husband and I are waiting in an examination room for what seemed like eternity she comes in he grabs my hand and she makes a face that said it ALL. Yes it is CANCER I burst into tears a thousand things have started running through my mind my SON , my MOM ! I finally calmed down and listened to her it looks like STAGE 2 invasive ductal carcinoma 2cm , now my options chemo lumpectomy, mastectomy before she could get it out I said BOTH !!! Take BOTH of them off she said when do you want to schedule it I said as soon as possible!!! I came home broke the news to my Mom and Son it was complete devastation. I cried mostly when I was alone and asked God WHY? Why ME? Why now how much more can I handle? Then I realized God had FAITH in me and if he had that MUCH FAITH in me then I better have it in myself! Surgery February 13th double mastectomy, the surgery went well along with the port that was placed in my chest used to administer chemo. After two days in the hospital I went home to heal. I didn’t have much pain at all ,the port hurt worse then the mastectomy believe it or not. So I healed then the dreaded CHEMO March 25th,2015 I was absolutely scared to DEATH! My chemo nurse told me to have a seat 3 other ladies were there they told me some of what to expext. I had my pre-meds then the nurse came with what she called the “Red DEVIL” I had already had another type of Chemo. I had 4 cycles every 3 weeks and I did okay I was tired and I took the advice those 3 ladies and took my nausea meds like clock work. During this time I gained 20 lbs my oncologist said it sometimes happens with breast cancer patients. Next came taxol once a week for 12 weeks I did great my hair even started growing back the only really bad thing has been neuropathy from taxol don’t get me wrong I’ve been in a CHEMO fog since my first treatment but I must say I’ve been BLESSED! My next phase will be tamifloxen for 5 years. Finding out you have CANCER is a nightmare not knowing what the future will be, thinking of ALL you’ll miss and the disbelief this is your LIFE. But this is what I’ve learned it has also been a blessing I’ve NEVER loved so deep, I also realize what is really important in life and know everything be it good or bad happens for a REASON. I’ve meet the most amazing people and realized how amazingly STRONG I am and that with God you can conquer your biggest fears. So ladies realize life can be tough but you can be TOUGHER and lean on other survivors, patients be it the same cancer or different cause we ALL have the same goal to win this battle !