Kelly Waters



Kelly WatersMy mentality was that this could never happen to me. As a 29 year old ER nurse, I felt my world was unstoppable. A lump that did not go away for 1 week caused minor concern. The nurse practitioner thought it was a cyst but got an Ultrasound just in case. During the ultrasound, it was concerning to the physician but not to me. Not even when he stated he had to do a biopsy. I shrugged it off as a cyst. The phone call that made me face reality happened a week later. My lumpectomy was scheduled and shortly was suppose to be radiation. A post surgery MRI was done and they found another tumor when the mammogram and ultrasound did not. My next surgery was the mastectomy and I am currently going through radiation due to close margins. I never hid my diagnoses because I was not ashamed, rather I was waiting for a right opportunity. Sure I have cried but I realize I could do more and raise awareness. I teamed up with a professional photographer to showcase breast cancer that it’s more than the pink. It is an empowerment not a burden. As I continue to work full time and go through radiation, I use this as a testament of my strength and identity.