Kelly Moncayo



In the year 2000 my mother passed away from breast cancer at the young age of 41. Since then I have always been very self- aware of my breasts and closely monitored by my physician but the idea of ME actually battling breast cancer was a distant thought. In April of 2014, at the age of 28 and in the middle of planning my wedding and a graduate program, I felt a small lump under my left breast. After dwelling on it for 2 days, I decided I better go have it checked. Little did I know that this small lump would change my life forever…..I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. My focus immediately turned from Wedding planning and graduate nurse practitioner school to a trillion doctors appointments, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. It turns out that I am stage 1, triple negative and BRCA1 positive. My first step was a double mastectomy, next I had 6 chemotherapies (3 drugs every 21 days) and 28 radiation treatments. Since April I have had 7 surgeries and still have 1 more to go to complete my reconstruction. I feel blessed because I have the best support system in the world…. I have a wonderful team of doctors and nurses, an amazing husband and family, the most supportive friends and 13 beautiful women who share a similar story as mine….my “breast friends.” Early detection was key for me….it quite literally may have saved my life. I am now 1 year cancer free! My angel…My mother gives me strength! This fight is for her!