Kerri Fusselman



If you would have asked me about breast cancer prior to December 26th, 2014 I would have had little to tell you. I knew very little about the stages, the treatment, and how to help an individual with breast cancer. Once I was diagnosed, the day after Christmas, all that changed for me. I have learned so much from my own battle, including the various stages, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and post-treatment drug therapy. I’ve become an advocate for those I know with breast cancer. I’ve become the “go-to” person at my large workplace, as well as, my husband’s workplace when someone gets their own diagnosis. I love walking with people in their own journey, and discovering that I can give hope and strength to those who are scared. I can provide love and support to someone. It’s has been 3 years since my diagnosis and 2 years since I started calling myself a survivor of breast cancer. My outlook on cancer, and life itself, has changed. I want to be the person others feel they can turn to for support, hope, love, and faith with their own fight.