Keri Mayberry



My doctor and I reviewed my family as well as my medical history at my annual appointment. After discussing that my Grandmother (my Mom’s mom) passing from ovarian cancer and my other Grandmother (my dad’s mom) surviving breast cancer, my doctor suggested the BRACA test to me. I agreed to the simple blood draw and then waited for the results. After 3 weeks I received a call from a nurse at the office stated I needed to come in and discuss the results of the BRACA test. I went in the next day and found out I needed to have a needle guided MRI biopsies done on each breast. The results came back and I was being referred to a surgeon because of precancerous cells. After talking with my family about the options I had been given by the surgeon and contacting my insurance company it was decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. The lab checked the tissues that were removed and didn’t find any “active” cancer but was unable to get a good count because of the large amount of precancerous cells. A simple blood draw allowed me to spend more time with those I love.