Keyonna Kenerson



Hello I’m Keyonna. I’m a young breast cancer survivor. I was 24 at the time of diagnosed. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in Oct.2017.

I did 6 rounds of intensive chemo for 6 months. Then had a double mastectomy and reconstruction after. In the beginning, it was hard to stay motivated. I use to get depressed about body changes, overwhelmed with a new normal of being a mother and working full time.

Adjusting to changes wasn’t easy in the beginning. I couldn’t play or pick up my baby due to the Lymphedema in my arms. I couldn’t wear some of my favorite clothes because of I had no Prosthetics. I remember telling myself that I needed find myself again. I couldn’t let cancer keep me so depressed.

So what I started doing was self care things. If it was just going out for a ride alone or just finding time for myself. Go to the spa or enjoy time to yourself. I enjoyed life as much as I can. Soon after, I got pregnant with my daughter. That motivated me to keep going. I knew then that I couldn’t let the changes from breast cancer stop me from being the best mom I could be to my son and daughter.

My fiancé used to always say have tunnel vision and that some of the changes will get better. I kept pushing and didn’t let nothing get me down. My advice to anybody that’s trying to find something to motivate them is find something that you love to do.

Find something that gives you the drive to keep going. It’s a continuous process. Don’t drown in depression. Take it one step at a time and don’t forget – never give up.