Kirsty Clemensen



Diagnosed July 2017

My mother had Breast Cancer. She fought for 10 years, and lost her battle at 49 years old. I was afraid that one day, I would hear those words too, ” You have Breast Cancer “
Sure enough, in July of 2017, I heard those words from my doctor. I was afraid in the beginning. Watching what my mother went through terrified me. My anxiety was through the roof.
With the love and support from my family, I fought for 2 years. Chemotherapy, Surgery, more Chemotherapy, Radiation and 1 year of Herceptin treatments. There was a time in the middle of it all that I wanted to quit. I felt it was too much. I felt so horrible, lost all my hair, no energy, no appetite, tired all of the time.
Then, my husband said these words, ” You have to keep fighting for those grandkids. Your kids didn’t really know your Mom. Don’t let that be what your kids will have to say” That really resonated with me. I know it wasn’t my mother’s choice, it’s just what happened.
I kept fighting and today I am 5 years Cancer free!! Don’t ever give up! Fight!! Fight with every thing you have!!